NAFA Launch + $10,000 Founders FUND

The NSAA (North Shore Adventist Academy) School board voted their approval for the formation NAFA (NSAA  Alumni & Friends Association) on September 14th, 2016!

We are excited to partner with NSAA on the journey to prepare students for their life in heaven and for their lifework on earth.

As part of the launch program, we are working to build a Founders FUND that will match donation raised by NSAA  students in the 2016-2017 school year. The overall goal this school year is to raise $72,000 to improve classrooms, reward academic excellence and give tuition assistance to students who have needs.

So far, two families have donated $5,000 each with a total of $10,000 to support this Donate and Match effort. We urge all alumni and friends to take this opportunity to give back and help NSAA!

Four Ways to give: (*Contributions are always tax deductible, be sure to save receipts)

    Checks made payable to North Shore Adventist Academy can be mailed to:
    North Shore Adventist Academy   5220 N. California Ave Chicago, IL 60625
    Many companies that match their employees’ gifts to independent schools. For example, if a donor gives $1,000 to North Shore Adventist Academy, a matching gift company will also give $1,000 to the school and thus the donor is credited with a $2,000 gift. Check with your company to see if it offers a matching gift program.
    You may choose to give using your credit card or PayPal account.
  4. http://Smile.Amazon.Com – Choose North Shore Adventist Academy as your Charity while shopping on Amazon. Learn how here.

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