What is NAFA?

NAFA stands for NSAA /NSJA Alumni & Friends Association.

NSAA – North Shore Adventist Academy, was established in 1955 by the North Shore Seventh-Day Adventist Church, provides a high quality affordable education for students in grades prek-12 in a safe, inviting Christian environment.

The main purpose of NAFA is to prayerfully support NSAA  in its mission to prepare students for life in heaven and lifework on earth.

The main goal for NAFA is to establish a sense of community between alumni, friends, current students and their families by organizing/participating in programs and events that will benefit NSAA . NAFA will maintain a directory for all alumni/friends members and will produce a newsletter quarterly to communicate news and upcoming events.

Membership is  free.

Alumni Member: Anyone who has ever attended NSJA/NSAA.

Friends Member: All past and present faculty, staff, parents and church members who are interested in the welfare of NSAA  and all who wish to help NAFA to carry out its mission.

Founders: Financial contributors for the initial formation’s Donate & Match Campaign in 2016-2017.



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